Knowledge Transfer Mentoring:

Turning knowledge loss into rapid learning and growth

Your critical knowledge at risk

You may recall the warnings from over a decade ago. Up to forty percent of the workforce was going to retire in five years, taking their knowledge with them.

Back when the warnings sounded, attempts to pick a seasoned expert’s brain were often met with howls. What??? You want me to tell you what it’s taken me years to figure out, just so you can give it to someone with half my salary and show me the door? No way!!!

What a difference a decade makes. Now when that same expert tries to set a retirement date, the boss is the one doing the howling. “But you can’t leave…nobody else can do what you do!”

Organizations are scrambling to take actions they should have taken years ago. But it’s not just the retirements. It’s the risk of knowledge loss in general.

For instance, having only one “go-to” person in a particular area creates bottlenecks and missed opportunities. Too much time, money and resources are wasted from repeated errors and redundant effort (“re-inventing the wheel”). Despite all of this, few organizations have a systematic, repeatable process for dealing with the problem of knowledge loss.

Setting up and implementing such a process isn’t easy. Lack of time, money and other resources, along with deeply entrenched political and cultural barriers, are just a few of the obstacles you’re likely to encounter.

An effective way to continually capture and transfer knowledge

The end result is your organization’s critical knowledge no longer rests with one individual. Instead, it’s habitually captured, shared, applied and expanded across your entire enterprise.