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Flipping data scienceThe convergence of convergenceThe future of educationCrossing the epistemic divideFrom just-in-time to just-ahead-of-timeA deep future approach to KMGetting back to basicsThe hidden world of deep semanticsBig opportunities in small dataThe coming leap in human intelligenceFour global shifts to keep in mindEnvisioning the deep learning enterprisePushing the boundaries of the knowledge sciences

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The critical part of critical infrastructureThe coming blue waveBeyond sustainabilityThe enterprise of the future: Yesterday, today, and tomorrowDisruptive innovation: No better timeBuilding the enterprise of the future: If not now, when?Enterprise of the future update: More disruption aheadThe future of food: a fresh lookTrends for the ’20sCritical capacities for navigating in turbulent timesWorkforce of the future updateThe world of intangible asset valuationTaking the enterprise of the future to the next level