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Adil Ahmed photo

Adil Ahmed - Principal Consultant

  • Eleven years’ experience in engineering and factory automation concept development, design, and consulting
  • Specialization in quality systems engineering, modeling, and software platforms for engineering design and re-engineering
  • B.E., Mechanical Engineering, M.S.R.I.T Bangalore
Dr Mansoor Ali photo

Mansoor Ali T M - Director Education Opns, South Asia and Middle East

17 years executive leadership experience in higher education as Administrative Dean/CTO for top engineering colleges in Bharat; specialties include: strategy planning/execution; curriculum development; recruitment, selection and retention; parent liaison; campus communications
Develops and conducts education programs for teachers, students, and working professionals across a wide range of career development areas including technical, business, and soft skills
B.A., English Literature; B.A. Education
Tom Beckman photo

Tom Beckman - Principal Knowledge Architect

40 years experience in managing, teaching and consulting in IT, business strategy, enterprise architectures, and government streamlining and modernization
Principal investigator for case-based reasoning systems development
Thought leader, author in knowledge management, competency management, and organizational learning
Graduate research at MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
Cynthia Gayton photo

Cynthia Gayton, JD

Unique combination of expertise building upon ten years professional practice in knowledge management, intellectual property law, mergers and acquisitions, and complex antitrust litigation
Adjunct Professor of Engineering Law at The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Author of Legal Aspects of Engineering, 10th Edition, published by Kendall/Hunt
Volunteer attorney for the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts
Juris Doctor, George Mason University School of Law
Hari Iyer photo

Hariharan S Iyer - Country Representative, Bharat

Chartered Engineer with over two decades multinational experience in construction, manufacturing, global logistics, materials outsourcing, sales and marketing
Founder of mentoring and soft skills development network for incoming freshman engineering students
B. Tech. (honors), Mechanical Engineering, University of Calicut, Kerala
John Lewis photo

Dr. John Lewis

Coach, speaker, educator, and consultant in organizational change leadership, innovation, and knowledge management
Author: “The Explanation Age,” 3rd edition (2013); co-author “Leading with the Future in Mind: Knowledge and Emergent Leadership” (2015)
Co-founder: The CoHero Institute, creating collaborative change leadership in learning organizations
Developer: Option Outline User Interface to support critical thinking skills and decision transparency
Innovations in banking sector recognized by Gartner as an industry best practice
Doctorate, Educational Psychology, University of Southern California
Bill Linn photo

Bill Linn - KM Practice Lead

25+ years engineering experience in the aerospace industry
Demonstrated leadership in knowledge management initiatives including content management, business process management, value networks, and the design and deployment of virtual collaboration environments
Founder and Past President, The Knowledge Management Association
Past President, North Texas Chapter, International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)
Master of Applied Science, Knowledge and Information Technology, University of Denver
Art Murray photo

Dr. Arthur Murray - President/CEO

Forty years government, industry and academic experience in advanced information systems development, including over 30 years in knowledge systems engineering
Chief Fellow, and Co-Founder, Enterprise of the Future Program, International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation
Author: "Deep Learning Manual; Building the Enterprise of the Future" (2016); Building the Enterprise of the Future: Co-creating and delivering extraordinary value in an eight-billion-mind world" (2018)
D.Sc. Engineering Administration, The George Washington University
Bo Newman photo

Brian "Bo" Newman - Principal Knowledge Systems Architect

Senior corporate management advisor, project management mentor, author and active researcher into the dynamics of knowledge flows and multi-perspective semantics
Knowledge Systems Architect and developer of business processes and techniques for program management, professional services, and KM Service frameworks integrating business process design, knowledge engineering, and existing processes within the context of the Federal Enterprise Architecture
Founder, KM-Forum.org, first internationally-recognized online community of practice for the KM community
Steve Newman photo

Dr. J. Steven Newman

Retired government senior executive (NASA) specializing in: commercialization of space; quality, safety and mission assurance; risk management; environmental management; knowledge management
Awarded special recognition from the U.S. Vice President’s National Performance Review for efforts in re-inventing government
Served as Secretary of the International Space Safety Foundation
Speaker, author, and university lecturer in systems engineering and knowledge management, backed by over forty-five years of experience
D.Sc. Systems Engineering, The George Washington University
Saleh Osman photo

Dr. Saleh A. Osman

20 years field experience in public policy reform research and long–term planning in developing and developed countries
Specializing in statistical analysis-based strategic policy and decision-making supported by predictive data modeling, data mining, econometric and macroeconomic modeling and system dynamics
Strategic advisor to governments making the transition to knowledge-based economies
Extensive research on long-term economic growth through R&D, intellectual capital development and knowledge generation
Ph.D. and M.A., Economics, Howard University
Paul Prueitt photo

Dr. Paul S. Prueitt

35 years experience in multiple disciplines spanning the knowledge sciences, pure and applied mathematics, and neuropsychology
Principal investigator for deep learning, visualization-based knowledge discovery and anticipatory systems
20 years advanced search algorithm and service-oriented architecture development
Pioneer in social network-mediated self-directed learning in 3D virtual simulation environments
Ph.D. Applied Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas, Arllington; post-doc in Physics and Neuroscience, Georgetown University.

What's important to us...

AKS Core Beliefs

There are underlying, foundational, time-invariant laws and principles which give rise to everything we see on the surface
When we violate those laws and principles, we suffer
When we act in alignment with them, we grow and prosper
The quality of the results we achieve is directly proportional to the quality of the questions we ask
Ignorance is the root condition which leads to all poverty and suffering
Knowledge dispels ignorance, just as light dispels darkness
People can make better choices and become more greatly enriched if we give them tools to access the knowledge they need, and to apply, refine, and grow it
We have a moral obligation to make this capacity available to as many people as possible
With the right knowledge, there are no limits to what we can accomplish

Business Principles

"Lead... take a shot... listen... respond... lead again" — Guy Kawasaki
Business is an experiment, and the market is the laboratory
Deliver the very best knowledge discovery experience possible, so when people see it they'll not only want want it, they'll want to help co-create it
Pay attention to both positive and negative deviations
Energy, focus, and leverage are more precious than time and money...be resourceful!