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AKS Core Beliefs

There are underlying, foundational, time-invariant laws and principles which give rise to everything we see on the surface

When we violate those laws and principles, we suffer

When we act in alignment with them, we grow and prosper

The quality of the results we achieve is directly proportional to the quality of the questions we ask

When it comes to trust, "less is more"

Ignorance is the root condition which leads to all poverty and suffering

Knowledge dispels ignorance, just as light dispels darkness

People can make better choices and become more greatly enriched if we give them tools to access the knowledge they need, and to apply, refine, and grow it

We have a moral obligation to make this capacity available to as many people as possible

With the right knowledge, there are no limits to what we can accomplish


Co-create, deliver, receive, and grow extraordinary value legally, morally and ethically

Honor our commitments (never agree to do anything unless you are absolutely certain you can deliver)

Eat our own cooking (continually capture, share, apply, and grow your own unique body of knowledge)

Quickly admit, correct, and learn from mistakes, focusing on root causes and conditions, and systemic solutions

Be relentlessly transparent 

Find a mentor, and be a mentor to somebody

Promote growth and well-being in ways that realize our full potential individually, organizationally, and societally

Business Principles

"Lead...take a shot...listen...respond...lead again"Guy Kawasaki

Foresight takes precedence over prediction

Business is an experiment, and the market is the laboratory

Deliver the very best knowledge discovery experience possible, so when people see it they'll not only want want it, they'll want to help co-create it

Innovate and learn at a rate faster than the speed of change in the market

Pay attention to both positive and negative deviations

Energy, focus, and leverage are more precious than time and resourceful!

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