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"The Future of the Future"

KMWorld Magazine's monthly feature on the Enterprise of the Future

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February:  Putting the Smarts Into Smart Cities


November/December:  The Continuing Saga of the Knowledge Librarian

October:  Being Smart About Smart Cities

May:  Global Knowledge Entrepreneurship in Action

April:  Getting Serious About Economic Resilience

March:  Enough Information Already - Bring On the Explanation Age

February:  A Look At the Coming Decade: Opportunities and Challenges


November/December:  Unclogging the Knowledge Pipeline

June:  The Virtual Workplace Is a "Must," Not a "Should"

April:  Are You Ready For the Coming Knowledge Cloud?

February:  Report From the Trenches: Progress and Challenges

January:  Making the Leap from the Desktop to Virtual Space


October:  Core Values Steady the Course in a Volatile World

July/August:  Building the University of the Future Today

May:  An Opportunity For Real Change (Part II)

April:  An Opportunity For Real Change (Part I)

February:  The Rise of the Knowledge Librarian  by Art Murray and Ken Wheaton

January:  From Nomads to Knowmads- Knowledge Cities Rise From the Desert Sands


November/December:  Incubating the Next-Generation Enterprise

October:  What Life Will Be Like, Starting Today

September:  Turning Problems Into Opportunities

July/August:  Enterprise of the Future Update: Report from the Trenches

June:  Goodbye, Knowledge Worker... Hello, Knowledge Entrepreneur

May:  Out of Africa: the Next Billion Minds

April:  Government as a Knowledge Enterprise

January:  Boundary-less Living, Working and Learning


November/December:  A Billion-Mind Economy, by Art Murray

October:  Overcoming Resistance to Change, by Art Murray

September:  Breaking the Lessons-Learned Barrier, by Art Murray and Jeff Lesher

June:  Breaking Free of the Technology Trap, by Art Murray

May:  Building the Enterprise of the Future Means No More Secrets, by Art Murray

April:  Breaking Free of Old Mindsets, by Art Murray

February:  Making Knowledge-Informed Decisions in a Flat World, by Art Murray and Jim Devlin

January:  The Role of ITIL in Building the Enterprise of the Future, by Art Murray and Mirghani Mohamed


November/December:  Transforming the Enterprise, by Art Murray

October:  Building the Enterprise of the Future: A Framework for Transformation, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes

September:  Future Competencies to Weather the Storm, by Greg Baker and Kent Greenes

July/August:  The Power of Online Learning Systems, by William E. Halal

June:  The Future Workplace, by Dan Holtshouse

May:  Learning Fast to Stay Relevant in a Flat World, by Kent Greenes

April:  The Future of the Future, by Hugh McKellar

March:  The Enterprise of the Future, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes


"The Enterprise of the Future"

featured in Emerald's quarterly publication VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Dr. Michael Stankosky, ed.

Note:  links are to abstracts only; fee or subscription required for access to full articles


Q2Tipping Points On the Horizon: Opportunities for Applying the Enterprise Of the Future Framework


Q2:  How the New Knowledge Economy is Changing the Ground Rules, by Art Murray and Matt Sekella

Q1:  From the Knowledge Worker to the Knowledge Economy: Six Billion Minds Co-Creating the Future, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes


Q4:  New Leadership Strategies for the Enterprise of the Future, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes

Q3:  In Search Of the Enterprise of the Future, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes

Q2:  A Research Agenda for the Enterprise of the Future, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes

Q1:  Building the Enterprise of the Future, by Art Murray and Kent Greenes


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