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“It doesn’t do you any good if you’re open for business and your customers and suppliers aren’t”

In our complex economy, one or more threats (bio-terror, cyber-attack, etc.) could result in a prolonged disruption in the flow of goods and services.  While many businesses have disaster recovery plans in-place, we are hard-pressed to find anyone addressing the broader issue of economic resilience.

We define Economic Resilience as follows: "the ability of an economy to absorb a catastrophic event and quickly return to a new state of stability that is stronger than the previous state."  Resilient enterprises and economic regions are naturally dynamic and more competitive under all circumstances of doing business in a complex, fast-changing global market.

This means stitching together a supply network to an extent never before attempted.  Bio-science, energy, logistics, command and control, cyber-security, communications, transportation, hospitality, education, even agriculture, are just a few of the industries that need to work together.

We hope you’ll join our rapidly-growing community and help pave the way for keeping business and commerce up and running when disaster strikes.

"The greater the interdependence between components, the greater will be the need for communication and cooperation between them"  - W. Edwards Deming

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