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Our Approach:  How We Help You Achieve Sustained Growth In the Global Knowledge Economy

Many organizations could be performing at a much higher level if they would only make better use of their institutional knowledge.  However, many have failed because they either attempt to manage all of their knowledge (a virtual impossibility) or direct their efforts in areas not having a significant impact on overall performance.

In response to this, we have established a proven six-step process for helping organizations compete in the global knowledge economy.  Each organization we work with tends to have one or more of these steps worked out to varying degrees.  We will start from whatever point you're currently situated, and work from there.

Step 1: Clearly articulate how you define success

We’ll make sure we’re clear about the result you want to achieve, and how you measure progress toward that result.  Although every organization is different in this regard, some familiar goals include:

  • Sustained top- and bottom-line growth
  • Customer and employee loyalty/retention
  • Sustained product innovation
  • Continuous productivity improvement.

Step 2: Identify the barriers/obstacles which are preventing you from achieving success

Resources are valuable and cannot be wasted on fruitless endeavors.  You will achieve the greatest impact by identifying what external and internal influences are impeding your success, and hitting those challenges head-on.  Some typical external drivers include:

  • Market volatility in areas such as:
    • Consumer demand
    • Supply chain
    • Currency and finance
  • Global shocks (political, environmental, etc.).

Frequently occurring internal challenges include time, money and resources wasted by:

  • Repeated mistakes
  • Redundant effort (“re-inventing the wheel,”)
  • Poor/inconsistent decision-making
  • Missed opportunities
  • Knowledge walking out the door
  • Underutilized or misaligned IT systems
  • Ineffective risk management/mitigation.

Step 3: Determine how much those barriers/obstacles are costing you

This step can be unnerving but it can also help re-direct your efforts by identifying areas having the greatest potential for improvement.

Step 4: Identify the root causes of the barriers/obstacles

Identifying root causes always allows us to work toward systemic solutions rather than point fixes with only short-term benefits.  For any organization competing in the global knowledge economy, the root causes will likely reveal deficiencies in one or more of the following areas:

  • Capturing critical knowledge
  • Sharing it
  • Applying it in the most effective way.

By peeling away successive "layers of the onion,” this step will uncover hidden knowledge assets and open up the opportunity for creating new value from resources you already have.

Step 5: Craft a strategy for overcoming the barriers/obstacles and achieving success

Drawing from over 15 years of corporate experience and research in what works and what doesn’t, we help you formulate a strategy for closing the gaps.  The strategy, which aims to get the most out of your planned/existing resources, consists of the right combination of:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology.

Step 6: Calculate the expected monetary and qualitative benefits

This represents the value we help you create and measures the degree of success of the strategy developed in Step 5.

Sustained high performance means applying these six steps on a regular basis.  In time the process becomes habitual and part of the mindset of every individual across the organization.

The result is an enterprise that learns and innovates at a speed equal to or greater than the rate of change in the marketplace – a key to successfully competing in the global knowledge economy.

Why not get started today?  Contact us for an initial consultation.  We are always ready and willing to listen to the challenges and concerns you are facing, and to share our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in this extremely competitive environment.

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Last modified: 01/26/14